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Awapatent是一家领先的知识产权咨询公司,为客户在欧洲和亚洲(AWA Asia的品牌下)提供优质的服务和支持。我们的法律及技术专家将帮助我们的客户将他们的创意和发明转化为商机。

Marcus Glaad Marcus Glaad

What opportunities and risks come with the new Top Level Domains (TLDs)?

When ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) launched the new TLD Program, the purpose was to stimulate innovation and competition in the domain- and Internet industry and to give the possibility to own and run a top level domain. ICANN received over 1900 applications for 1400 new top level domains. A total of 575 of them was from trademark holders applying to register their trademark as a suffix. Out of these, 77 applications used city…