Awapatent is one of Europe’s leading IP companies and one that offers you a unique environment in which to work. Here you will meet the most exciting innovative companies – those with a profound influence on society today and in the future. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside highly qualified and dedicated colleagues in the industry.

Personality and commitment are just as important to us as formal qualifications. We value your commitment to our core valuescourage, openness and passion – just as highly as your aptitude and ability to work and develop in the various professional roles we can offer. Our values are not empty words; they guide us in our decisions and activities.

In order to meet the exacting requirements and high expectations of our clients, you must be able to identify and meet our clients' needs. That is why the hallmark of our approach is a firm focus not only on clients and quality, but also to a high degree on commercial aspects. We believe that this is the key to creating and maintaining good client relationships.

Our goal is to be the best employer. We understand that the expertise, commitment and development of our employees – both in their professional roles and on a personal level – are crucial to our clients' results and our own.

So we invest in you and your future from day one, and we offer you the right conditions to make it easier for you to achieve the balance between work and leisure that you are seeking.

At Awapatent you have access to competitive incentive programmes and the best professional development there is. You also have the opportunity to become a shareholder, irrespective of your professional role.