The (trade) secret of success

by Anita Gillior

Anita Gillior


Our website contains all the latest news, analyses and comments on IPR

New legislation, rules and practice. Enquiries and investigations. New research and development. International statistics. Important news from official bodies and IPR related organisations. Awapatent monitors events in the world at large.

For us it is natural to analyse and comment on events which relate to IPR and which affect our clients. We do this for various reasons. First and foremost, we believe that it is our duty to be familiar with the very latest developments and to understand the impact that these can have on our clients' businesses. That is what enables us to give such well-informed advice.

But we also monitor what is happening in order to enable us to influence public opinion as and when necessary. We do not merely want to be passive observers, adapting our behaviour to other people's decisions. It is more or less the same thinking as that which lies behind our IPR strategies. By taking an active role, we can influence what others in the industry do.

In other words, as our client, you won't need to find out from others what is happening - we'll keep you well informed!

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