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Anita Gillior

List of applications for new gTLDs now public

18 June 2012
ICANN has just released details of applications for the new generic top level domain names (gTLDs). Among the more than 1,900 applications received are a number of global brands, including Apple, Google, Fiat and Toshiba. Top level domains are the strings of letters that form the final extension to a web address, so this means that we may soon see web addresses that end in .apple, .google or .fiat.

The complete list of the strings applied for is available here

Among the issues that have generated most discussion prior to the introduction of the new top level domains are the questions of the rights of trademark holders and how to prevent the registration of domain names that infringe other legal persons’ brands and trademarks. For this reason, one of the conditions that companies, organisations and individuals that apply to register a new top level domain must agree to is the acceptance of a dispute resolution policy that ICANN has introduced for all generic TLDs.

ICANN will not, however, carry out its own checks to prevent the new top level domains from infringing a third-party’s trademark rights. Instead, the responsibility for this lies with the trademark holders themselves. Companies and individuals therefore now have a period of approximately seven months during which they can file any objections to the new gTLD applications.

If you have questions about how the new top level domains affect your business, please feel free to contact Awapatent's specialist team in Branding.

Footnote: ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – is the organisation that has the main responsibility for coordinating the global domain name system.
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