The (trade) secret of success

by Anita Gillior

Anita Gillior

AWA IP Review

AWA IP Review is a PDF newsletter that contains comments and analyses relating to the very latest developments in IP law. All the articles are written by IP specialists at Awapatent who have extensive experience in a number of key fields.

AWA IP Review is published two to three times a year to keep you and your colleagues within the IP field fully up-to-date. To become a subscriber, simply e-mail us your name and e-mail address.

All articles from previous issues are available in the menu on the left. You can also download previous issues as PDF documents:





AWA IP Review Newsflash

News about important decisions from the IP law area are communicated quickly through an AWA IP Review Newsflash, which reaches all the subscribers of AWA IP Review. To become a subscriber, see above. Previous AWA IP Review Newsflashes are available in the menu on the left.

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