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by Daniel Enetoft

Daniel Enetoft

Marketing law

You want to focus on your marketing strategies, ad campaigns and customer relations. That’s your job! But that leaves little time over to delve deep into all the legalities, rules and regulations that govern your marketing activities.

So, let us take care of the legal issues! We will guide you through the intricacies of marketing law and review your marketing measures together with you, so that you can feel confident about the activities you are engaged in.

Our services in marketing law
Consulting advice in marketing law is an integral part of Awapatent’s portfolio of services. We are adept in seeing the statutory requirements as part of a larger picture and in making sure that solutions serve the legal and commercial interests of your company.

We perform a legal prior examination and give you advice before you launch brands, advertising campaigns and other activities;

We keep a constant watch on your marketing initiatives, such as sales promotion activities, events, advertising, incentives, etc.;

We intervene against competitors who act unfairly or inappropriately in the market;

We have the knowledge that is necessary to solve disputes by litigation, conciliation or negotiation with the relevant authorities, according to the demands of the situation.
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