The (trade) secret of success

by Anita Gillior

Anita Gillior

Internet Law and Domain Name Management

Internet Law
New digital media have increased the risk of copyright infringement. What do you do if your competitor registers a domain name similar to yours? Or someone uses an article you wrote on their website? We advise you on which measures to take.

Domain Name Management
Have you ever tried to utilize your brand name as a domain name in several different countries? And failed? Well, you’re not alone. Owning and protecting your brands and trademarks on the Internet is important – but administering this is hard work and takes time.

The administrative parts of the application procedure of domain names are handled by Awapatent’s partner Web Solutions. They are one of Europe’s leading domain name registrar. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Awapatent if you need help with strategic issues regarding, for example, the connection between trademarks and domain names or if you have problems with various forms of infringement on the Internet.

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