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by Daniel Enetoft

Daniel Enetoft

US Patent Law

For many years, USA has been the world’s incontestable superpower, and commercially one of the most interesting markets for most companies, including companies from Europe. Accordingly, obtaining good IP protection in the US is often a very high priority. We dare say that the US is the single most important patent jurisdiction in the world. At the same time, the US patent system is constantly evolving, based on legislation changes and court decisions. Thus, what was the best strategy for obtaining a strong patent yesterday is not necessarily the best strategy today or tomorrow.

US patent law is also in many aspects different from European patent law, and success in obtaining and defending patents in USA is highly dependent on knowledge of US patent law and practice as well as the choice of good local legal counselors.

The members of the specialist team for US patent law at Awapatent are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ success in obtaining and defending intellectual property rights in the US by keeping up to date with recent developments, sharing our knowledge internally as well as externally, and maintaining a network of the best US-based partners.

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