PCT to the rescue

by Daniel Enetoft

Daniel Enetoft


When you consider how much money is at stake, it’s not surprising that conflicts flare up around intellectual property assets such as patents, trademarks and designs. What is surprising, however, is how little care and effort many people invest in managing and protecting these assets.

With Awapatent on your side you have one of Europe’s biggest IP consulting companies to help you. We can safeguard your IP assets for you – patent by patent, section by section, in dispute after dispute.

Our Litigation teams
We are more than 30 attorneys at law who have extensive experience of advising clients in IP-related disputes. We all work full-time with IP issues and are committed to meeting client needs. We have previous experience from law firms, courts of law and as corporate lawyers. We are well versed in dispute resolution and in arbitration proceedings and we frequently defend our clients’ positions in courts of law and in out-of-court settlements.

We put together litigation teams based on the specific circumstances of each case and, when technical issues are involved, we liaise closely with our patent attorneys who are highly experienced in participating in court proceedings. Our strength in the field of disputes is our ability to combine the expertise of the traditional patent, design and trademark agents with that of the law firm and the management consultant. All in-house.

Our profound insights into technology and marketing together with our legal expertise enable us to interpret and present the complex legal and technical information that is often of critical importance in litigation and negotiation. We always keep a firm focus on the relevant business needs in each case to ensure that clients derive the highest possible commercial value from our services. And we are, of course, used to working to tight deadlines and with a solutionfocused approach.

Get in touch today
Please contact any of the Litigation team members for further information or call Anita Gillior, head of the Litigation team, on +46 (0)8-440 95 03.

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