The (trade) secret of success

by Anita Gillior

Anita Gillior


The software industry exhibits a complex relation to Intellectual Property Rights. The unique mix of traditional monopoly rights such as patents, and alternative ways to protect development such as open source, makes it important to ensure expert legal counsel during all phases of creation and exploitation of intellectual property related to software.

The Awapatent software team is especially focused on the specific conditions of the software sector, and provides counsel across the entire IP spectrum. Our specialities include patent prosecution, copyright, Open Source, licensing and commercialization.

The attorneys in the team regularly advise clients who desire to commercialize their investments in software development, and help them use Intellectual Property Rights to achieve increased leverage.

Our clients include a broad spectrum of companies, ranging from small dot-com enterprises to large corporations in traditional industry. Although sharing a mutual engagement in software development, the precise needs and conditions are obviously extremely different, and require different solutions. By making use of their accumulated know-how and experience, the attorneys in the team are able to offer a customized approach depending on the specific circumstances.

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