The (trade) secret of success

by Anita Gillior

Anita Gillior


Competence development – prioritising knowledge produces results
We work in a knowledge-intensive industry where our aim is to be Europe’s number one name in IP consulting. This puts intense pressure on our consultants always to be in possession of the relevant information and the right skills for their assignments. So, as an Awapatent employee, you have the opportunity to spend several days a year developing your personal and professional skills.

We give priority to competence development at Awapatent. That’s why we have access to our own internal training organisation, Training, that works full-time with issues related to training and education. It’s an organisation that we dare say is unique within the industry.

The task of Training is to offer new recruits and experienced IP consultants alike the best continuing professional development programmes in the business – to ensure that Awapatent continues to attract and retain the most talented individuals in the market.

A few examples from the Training curriculum:

  • Trainee program for newly recruited patent attorneys
  • Preparatory studies ahead of the EQE
  • Continuing professional development
  • Training in a variety of computer programs and other working tools
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