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  • Creating IP rights

    Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Utility models, Community Trademark, Registered Community Design, Unitary Patent

  • Renewal of IP rights

    Renewal of patent rights, Renewal of trademark rights, Renewal of design rights

  • Dispute resolution

    Patent infringement and invalidity disputes, Trademark disputes, EPO oppositions, Design disputes, Trade secret disputes

  • IP management

    Searches & analyses, Freedom to operate investigations, Monitoring, IP strategy, Valuation services, IPR Forum

  • Licensing & contracts

    IP due diligence, Agreements, Open innovation, Trade secrets, Employee's rights to inventions

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Sara Winther Sara Winther

Changes to the European Trademark system

Classification reform – Article 28 (8) As we mentioned in our blog on 18 January 2016, a new regulation on the European Trademark (EUTMR) will enter into force on 23 March 2016. One of the changes concerns the scope of protection of a trademark registered in the European Union (“EU Trademarks”). The new regulation reflects the changes in practice that followed the ruling of the EU Court in Case C-307/10 “IP Translator”. Thus, EUTM registrations with…