Awapatent is a leading consultancy firm in intellectual property with presence in both Europe and Asia (under the brand AWA Asia). We use our legal and technical expertise to help our clients turn their ideas and innovations into business opportunities.

  • Creating IP rights

    Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Utility models, Community Trademark, Registered Community Design, Unitary Patent

  • Renewal of IP rights

    Renewal of patent rights, Renewal of trademark rights, Renewal of design rights

  • Dispute resolution

    Patent infringement and invalidity disputes, Trademark disputes, EPO oppositions, Design disputes, Trade secret disputes

  • IP management

    Searches & analyses, Freedom to operate investigations, Monitoring, IP strategy, Valuation services, IPR Forum

  • Licensing & contracts

    IP due diligence, Agreements, Open innovation, Trade secrets, Employee's rights to inventions

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Startup services – IP for the newborn company – is an easier way for startups to use and buy services within Intellectual Property

Our new trainees dove into the pool of intellectual property and have taken the first steps towards becoming successful patent attorneys.

During this…

Ai-Leen Lim Ai-Leen Lim

Copycats in China: The canary in the coalmine for foreign companies?

The recent media report concerning the “fake” Goldman Sachs in China has sparked another series of stories about counterfeits in China… but has it sparked a call to action yet? Throwbacks to the bogus Apple stores and the concocted IKEA shops both found in Kunming in 2011 come to mind. Whilst foreign companies are amazed or even amused by such stories, the question is whether or not they have really deliberated upon the issue of how they can best…